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The Do’s And Don’ts of Running Your Own Dental Practice

It seems that everyone these days needs to know a thing or two about small business in order to thrive. Many of us, in diverse professions, find business skills seeping into the careers that we were trained in. Dentistry is no exception. In addition to knowing how to drill a cavity or perform gum surgery, a dentist may have to know how to run his or her own dental practice. Here is a quick guide that will give you the practices to engage in, and those to avoid, as you manage and operate your private practice.

DO: Consult With Experts

Are you an expert in accounting, staff-recruitment, or marketing? Most likely, you are an expert in dentistry, and dentistry alone. Though you may be able to hack your way through filling out tax forms or performing a job interview, that does not make you an expert. Instead of relying on your mediocre skills, consult people who have studied, practiced, and evolved within fields such as accounting and marketing.

DON’T: Try To Do It All On Your Own

Have you ever seen a two year old struggle to zip up a jacket, refusing help from any near-by adult? The exercise may end in frustrated tears, or the child might be successful. The quest for autonomy is deeply rooted. We all have moments when we want to shout out, “I can do it on my own!” rather than accepting the offers of assistance from others. But with a task as complex as running a business, you really do need a team behind you, and mentors before you. Reach out for help and advice, and accept the offers that come your way.

DO: Maintain Balance In Your Health And Relationships

An important aspect of running any successful business is maintaining a balanced life. When business owners take time to exercise, eat three healthy meals a day, and spend time with loved ones, they have more energy for tackling the demanding tasks of running a business.

DON’T: Let Everything Slide Until Your Practice Is Established

Dentists who also own and operate a private practice tend to get sucked into the mentality that says, “When I’m successful, then I’ll start to do X,Y, and Z for myself”. This kind of thinking is a trap that can lead you into making unhealthy choices in your life, which ultimately drains your energy. In order to have a successful private practice, you need to be an effective leader with plenty of energy to go around. You don’t want to be drained, angry, foggy-headed, or out of alignment.

DO: Attend Conferences

Conferences help dentists connect, discuss what is working and not working within their practices, and share resources. Conferences, such as Dental World, Dental Marketing, or Dental Mastermind, also deliver valuable networking opportunities. Karl Jobst Grove OK dentist recommends attending at least one conference per year.

DON’T: Operate In Isolation

Remaining in your local bubble will cut you off from the resources that you need. It might be tempting to keep your nose to the grindstone, and work through the year without missing a beat, but this approach will leave you stagnant, or worse, falling behind. Don’t think that you are saving money or time by staying away from conferences. They are a smart investment.

Those of us who own and operate a business, like a private practice, must be aware of business skills that will help us thrive in our chosen careers. It is not enough to be proficient or even excellent in dentistry. When you run a private practice, you also need to be a skilled business leader. Boost your business skills by consulting experts, staying balanced, and networking with your peers.


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