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Talking Business With My Friend Halden Zimmermann

There are a lot of tips when it comes to running a business, no matter how big or how small and the pleasing thing you’ll find is that all businesses run off the exact same principles. That is because success principles, you’ll find, are universal. I sat down with a dear old friend of mine by the name of Halden Zimmermann and of course, we had our catching up talk about what we have been doing over the past 10 or so years. I go on to say I had started a business recently and his eyes shot wide open with excitement as he exclaims, “Really? Me too!”

I was surprised to have learned that Halden had his own business because he never stuck me as much of a businessman for all the years I knew him so naturally, I asked him about his business and what it was all about. I was really curious about how he made his income as well. Halden went on to say that he runs several different blogs that are highly profitable as well as doing one-on-one consulting with other people who are held in high regard.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t incredibly pleased and impressed by Halden Zimmermann. He had grown and changed so much as a person into a thriving businessman who sat right before me. “If you could give yourself a headline that describes your work, what would you say?” I asked. Halden sat there for a moment and smile as he replied, “I’d say I’m a senior P&L leader focused on aggressive growth models for business types.”  A fabulous answer, no doubt.

Before parting our ways, we got into a passionate discussion about business ethics and principles as I mentioned earlier, and this is where I became most surprised by Halden. It’s one thing to own a business, anyone can own a business. Your son can own a lemonade stand outside the house and that is his business, but it’s another thing to understand a few key elements on how success works. Success in anything, whether it be business or even working out, works the same. It works in baby steps rather than large steps. Think of what you are working on as ice and you are walking along it. You want to get to the other side of this iced over river. Success is baby steps! Take large steps and you’ll slip and fall, run across and rush your success and you’ll fall through, but take baby steps, eventually you’ll get to where you are going.

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