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Small Business Solutions for Big Business Problems

maxresdefaultIt is a fairly common occurrence that a small business owner will make an attempt to solve a business-related issue by applying a strategy normally reserved for use among larger businesses. While it is sometimes the case that these strategies can be appropriately scaled in such a way that they can yield a desirable outcome for the small business owner, it is nonetheless more likely that it is simply more ideal to apply a strategy specifically tailored for small business use. According to Dr. Sid Solomon, however, the inverse may not necessarily be true, as many big businesses really ought to look into utilizing some of the effective small business solutions commonly utilized by small business owners.

The most obvious shortcoming associated with big business is the reduced ability to connect on a truly personal level with consumers. There is a reason that people refer to big business operations as “faceless corporations,” which is why big business leaders can apply some of the strategies utilized by small business owners to establish a connection with the consumers supporting their efforts.

One of the most effective strategies is for owners and executives to engage in practices that provide the opportunity to interact with their customer base on a personal level. Small business owners regularly work right alongside their employees while sharing the workload and therefore seem far more accessible to the customers that support their business efforts. An owner or an executive of a big business can adopt a similar approach with the goal of facilitating a greater degree of face-to-face communication among both employees and customers.


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