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Small Business Growth Depends on a Consistently Strong Reputation

There are many reasons that small businesses thrive, and the most obvious factor relates to the value of the products and services the company provides to its customers. Aside from that, there are few factors that are more closely tied to growth and success than reputation, and a small business must devote a significant amount of energy to reinforce a strong reputation among the community and its clientele.

The reputation of a small business depends on a variety of factors, most of which are fairly well known. For example, the overwhelming majority of small business owners understand that the value of any products or services will likely be overshadowed by poor customer service. As a result, most owners work diligently to create a culture among employees that leads to consistently outstanding service for customers, thereby securing a solid reputation.

While this is fairly evident, many owners overlook the value of providing services to their community and their industry. A perfect example of this comes from the healthcare field, as Dr. Richard Ottomeyer recently committed a great deal of his time to educating other professionals in his field about recent industry developments that could influence the level of care patients receive. For his efforts, Dr. Ottomeyer received the Medicare Physician Champion Community of Practice Provider Award, but it is not the accolade the doctor received that is most important.

Through his efforts, Dr. Ottomeyer reinforced his reputation as a caring doctor who wants nothing more than to ensure all patients get the best possible medical treatment regardless of the medical office they attend. The doctor could have just as easily worked to inform and educate his staff so that his patients would benefit, but he instead chose to take a course of action to ensure that as many healthcare professionals as possible were also able to offer the highest level of care to their patients.

Small business owners should follow this example, as demonstrating a commitment to improving the industry as a whole can only help improve the reputation and standing of the business within the community. It is not something that will immediately generate increased revenue, but there is an immediate value to peers within the industry and to the community at large. For the small business that adopts this kind of policy, there is an outstanding long-term value in continuing to work on solidifying a reputation.

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