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Sam Oven Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Sam Ovens is an entrepreneurial thinker in an entrepreneurial world. He has managed to leverage his knowledge of business consulting and online marketing strategies into a successful course in which he teaches others the skills required to start their own profitable consulting businesses. Sam has managed to create a path that unhappy corporate workers can follow in order to regain their interest in business, share their insights and training with others, and make money hand over fist.

Sam has intimate experience with every aspect of his training program, as he built the entire system from personal experience. After working an internship for one unhappy year at Vodaphone during his senior year at University of Auckland in New Zealand, Sam quit his corporate job and moved back home to his parents’ garage in order to start in own business. Within the first year, nothing had gone right: he had two failed businesses on his ledger, was thousands in debt, and seemed to have no way forward.

However, this period of instability and unhappiness in his life translated into success beyond his wildest dreams — within three years of being on the verge of bankruptcy, Sam had made over $10 million and was living in Manhattan. He was able to effect this massive change in his life by recognizing that businesses attempting to transition into the modern, online world often had no idea how to do so. By consulting for these businesses and showing them the path to proper online marketing and distribution, Sam was able to redefine what was possible for these companies in a smartphone-driven, online marketplace. The birth of this consulting business led to numerous clients, riches, and finally a course that teaches others how to achieve the same objectives.

Sam has several side passions, one of which paid off handsomely in 2013. After seeing the eye-popping success of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and mobile application makers, Sam began looking around for app-related opportunities while running his consulting business full-time. He found the opportunity that he was looking for in property management, and went on to found the company SnapInspect. Within a year, the app was the world market leader in its field, and Sam was able to sell the concept for a massive profit. Success has not come easily or without hard work for Sam Ovens, but between his OVENS International consulting business and SnapInspect, it certainly has come.


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