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Review of Reina Bluth from Gavin Dobbs

It’s always fun to get to read great reviews of and for great people. Reina Bluth is one of those people. Here is a review for Mr. Dobbs, a Validation Tech.

I could really go on and talk about the professionalism and the technical details Reina brings to the table, but those are right well boring.

What makes Reina special is her attitude. She has a can-do, bubbly, not let anything get her down attitude and it shows the way she treats every client and resource. Very few people will go out of their way like Reina will. Some will either focus on clients, others will focus on resources, but she does both equally and competently. On top of that, she never lets anything get her down and she perseveres right on through to success. This is a key piece of success when you have 50 candidates going for the same job, and she displays both empathy and that “we can succeed” attitude like no one I know.
Gavin Dobbs
Click Validation Technician, VanderHouwen & Associates, Inc.
Gavin Dobbs-VanderHouwen
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