Murziline Parchment Outlines Strategic Differences Between Small Startups and Large Corporations

It should be readily apparent that there are vast differences between a small startup venture and an established corporation, yet there seems to be a pervasive belief that the same strategies employed by a large business can be easily and successfully applied to startups of any size completely independent of the industry in which they

17 Dec 2015

Talking Business With My Friend Halden Zimmermann

There are a lot of tips when it comes to running a business, no matter how big or how small and the pleasing thing you’ll find is that all businesses run off the exact same principles. That is because success principles, you’ll find, are universal. I sat down with a dear old friend of mine

29 Nov 2015

Small Business Growth Depends on a Consistently Strong Reputation

There are many reasons that small businesses thrive, and the most obvious factor relates to the value of the products and services the company provides to its customers. Aside from that, there are few factors that are more closely tied to growth and success than reputation, and a small business must devote a significant amount

24 Sep 2015

Small Businesses Succeed by Relying on Personalized Products and Services

One of the main benefits of running a small business is the opportunity to develop close and personal relationships with customers and clients. Small businesses that focus on developing customer loyalty are much more likely to be viable over a long period of time and benefit greatly from customer referrals as well. As an experienced

05 Aug 2015

Small Tips for Small Business

Small business is called small for a reason.  I think many small businesses fail due to expansion beyond the demand for the services.  A small business can support a family comfortably by targeting the nearby community. When these good small businesses are franchised and pushed nationally the do not have the infrastructure and fold under

03 Jun 2015

Small Business Survival

Will the small business survive the ups and downs of the market.  Is your business dependent on the economy being strong or is it tied to an essentials service.  Garbage collection would be an example of an essential service.  If you make fancy jewelry then you will need a strong economy to survive.  Not every

28 May 2015

Mo Howard West Virginia Football Small Biz Startup Tips

We have the honor of asking Mo Howard a few questions. Mo Howard is the CEO and principal partner of Ultegra Financial Partners. He graduated from West Virginia University and played football. Howard will now share some small business tips from inside a startup. Since 2012, Mo Howard has served as the CEO and managing

27 May 2015

Review of Reina Bluth from Gavin Dobbs

It’s always fun to get to read great reviews of and for great people. Reina Bluth is one of those people. Here is a review for Mr. Dobbs, a Validation Tech. I could really go on and talk about the professionalism and the technical details Reina brings to the table, but those are right well

19 May 2015
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