Mo Howard

Since its founding in 2012, Ultegra Financial Partners has benefited significantly from the leadership of Mo Howard. In providing small- and mid-market businesses with all manner of business solutions, Ultegra Financial Partners is positioned for longstanding success within the financial industry.

Services Available Through Ultegra Financial Partners

Under Howard’s leadership, Ultegra has quickly emerged as a leading provider of a wide variety of financial services. The company is known throughout the industry for its creativity in securing funding for businesses that have experienced difficulties in becoming funded, and the company’s web-based, client-centered platform is held in the highest esteem by both clients and competitors alike.

Among the many financial services offered by Ultegra Financial Partners include business consulting, cost reduction services, small business lending and commercial lending. Having already developed a reputation for its honesty and integrity, Ultegra Financial Partners routinely serves in an advisory role to businesses needing financial restructuring or seeking a means for expansion. The company strives to provide comprehensive financial services to clients, and the offerings it provides have consistently brought its clients a great deal of success.

A Customized Approach Tailored to Achieve a Specific Outcome

Ultegra Financial Partners has achieved a great deal of its impressive initial success by ensuring that the services it provides to clients are highly customized according to the needs of each individual client. Howard has emphasized the importance of being able to customize the services offered by Ultegra so that clients are able to enjoy the greatest possible benefit.

Since its founding in 2012, Ultegra has already provided services to businesses in need of all manner of assistance. In some cases, the company has helped a business secure funding that had previously encountered a great deal of difficulty in doing so. In other cases, Ultegra has successfully consulted businesses dealing with multiple crises in need of immediate resolution. The company has enjoyed much of its success due to its realization that unique scenarios often dictate unique solutions, and creative solutions are a noted strength of Ultegra Financial Partners.

Before Ultegra Financial Partners: Mo Howard Biography

The founder of Ultegra Financial Partners is Mo Howard, long a veteran of the world of finance before starting the company for which he now serves as CEO and managing principal. His passion for finance began as an undergraduate at West Virginia University in Morgantown. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Howard remained in Morgantown to pursue an MBA, a degree he earned with cum laude honors while concentrating on finance and financial management systems.

With his impressive educational credentials, Howard accepted a position with one of the largest financial holdings companies in the nation. While with BB&T, an institution that controls assets approaching $200 billion, Howard first worked as a commercial lending associate before being selected to participate in the BB&T Leadership Development Program. Always a diligent student, Howard finished the program at the top of his class and was offered a position in which he managed a portfolio worth $87 million while also taking on the responsibilities of a credit analyst, commercial lender and commercial underwriter.

Howard worked in these various positions with BB&T for three years before he was offered an opportunity to join US Capital Partners as a vice president. He accepted the offer, which included expansive responsibilities that saw Howard take charge of everything related to business development. In addition to this comprehensive role, Howard was also able to lend his expertise with regard to underwriting and loan structuring to US Capital Partners.

The time spent working in various capacities for these companies has enabled Howard to have a clear vision for how Ultegra Financial Partners should function. Howard’s combination of education and experience has proved vital to the success of the company he now oversees, and it is clear that Ultegra Financial Partners is positioned for continued success in the finance industry for many years to come.

Among the many accomplishments for which Howard can take credit is the implementation of Utegra’s web-based platform. The Denver-based business solutions company has been able to reach an incredibly wide client base through the use of this system, as the sophisticated platform has enabled clients from across the United States to access Ultegra Financial Partners’ unique financial services and solutions from even the most remote of locations.

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