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Mo Howard WVU, Ultegra CEO

Mo Howard West Virginia Football Small Biz Startup Tips

We have the honor of asking Mo Howard a few questions. Mo Howard is the CEO and principal partner of Ultegra Financial Partners. He graduated from West Virginia University and played football. Howard will now share some small business tips from inside a startup.

Since 2012, Mo Howard has served as the CEO and managing principal of the company he founded, Ultegra Financial Partners. The business solutions company is able to provide its clients with a wide variety of finance-related services, and has quickly developed a reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the world of finance.

Mo Howard West Virginia football explains his years of leadership and has seen the company develop a number of creative systems, including the web-based, client-centered platform that enables clients from across the United States to work with the Denver-based financial organization. Though it provides an incredibly vast array of services to clients, the company is known for its specialty in serving small- and mid-market companies in need of lending solutions and merchant banking.

Of course, the company’s financial services are not limited in this regard, as the company has positioned itself as both a lender and co-lender, while also serving as lead financial arranger. These services are complemented by Ultegra Financial Partners’ financial consulting services, which allow clients to benefit from the company’s expansive and varied experience in the world of finance. Ultegra Financial Partners frequently boasts of its ability to successfully address unique problems with its highly creative approach, a factor that is undoubtedly central to the company’s continued success to date.

At the center of it all is Mo Howard, a graduate and football player for West Virginia University and a veteran of the finance industry. In his role as CEO and managing principal, Mr. Howard has overseen the consistent growth of the company and has masterfully shaped the manner in which the company serves its clients, repeatedly emphasizing the importance of specifically tailoring the services Ultegra Financial Partners offers according to the unique needs of each individual client.

Mo-Howard-West-Virginia-Football-WVUMr. Howard’s vision is the result of many years spent working in the finance industry coupled with an outstanding educational experience at WVU. Mr. Howard attended West Virginia University while pursuing both his undergraduate and graduate degrees, excelling academically throughout his years on the Morgantown, West Virginia football team and school campus. Mr. Howard completed his MBA in Finance and Financial Management Systems while earning cum laude honors, and it was during his time at WVU (football and education) that he came up with the basic concept and structure for what would eventually become Ultegra Financial Partners.

Upon completion of his MBA, Mr. Howard was offered and accepted a position with BB&T, a holdings institution controlling upwards of $200 billion in assets. Though he initially began as a commercial lending associate, his completion of the BB&T Leadership Development Program – at the top of his class, no less – led to an opportunity to function in a variety of other roles that included commercial underwriter, credit analyst and commercial lender. In addition to these new responsibilities, Mr. Howard was also tasked with managing a portfolio that grew to $87 million due in part to his oversight.

After three years with BB&T, Mr. Howard accepted an offer to join US Capital Partners as a vice president. He was again tasked with a number of vital responsibilities, perhaps most notably the complete oversight of business development. In addition to this role, Mr. Howard also offered a great deal of insight with regard to underwriting and loan structuring for US Capital Partners.

These valuable years of experience in the finance industry further imbued Mr. Howard with the vision necessary to found Ultegra Financial Partners in 2012. Using his strong financial background to his advantage while focusing on attracting some of the most talented individuals in the finance industry, Mr. Howard has been able to create a company that has benefited clients in a variety of ways.

Of the many systems that Mr. Howard has implemented as a part of Ultegra Financial Partners, perhaps the most impressive of all has been the web-based, client-centered platform. This platform has made client access to Ultegra’s services incredibly convenient, and the company headquartered in Denver has been able to take advantage of a nationwide market as a result. Clients certainly appreciate Mr. Howard’s efforts in this regard, as the creative and innovative solutions provided through Ultegra Financial Partners are also exceptionally accessible across the whole of the United States.

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